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Welcome to my adventure

If you’re readers click to this page, they want to find out more about who you are and why you are writing this blog.
You want to write 2 – 3 paragraphs on each of these 3 areas:
➢   Your backstory
Imagine your ideal reader – the person who wants to devour everything you write. They probably found your blog because they have a problem that they are looking to solve. It is possible that they are currently in a situation that you once faced yourself, but now you’ve moved on in your journey and have learned things you can explain to them to help them with the problem.  If you have education or experience that gives you authority in this field, this is a great place to list it.
If you were to be introduced to them at a party, what about your life would you want to tell them? If you were once where they are now, tell them a bit about why that happened and how you felt. What prompted you to start this blog?
➢   Why you’re writing
What do you love about the niche you’re writing in? What about it annoys you? What excites you when you sit down to write another post? Give your reader an understanding of where you are now in your journey, which is likely somewhere that is further on that they are right now.
➢   Your mission moving forward
What are your aspirations for your blog? Do you plan to learn about certain things and write about them as you experience them? Do you hope to have engagement with your audience and answer their questions? Do you plan to delve into new categories and broaden your writing and research in the future? Give your readers an understanding of what excites you and what you still want to accomplish.

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Frequently Ask Question

1. Why do you homestead?

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2. What inspires you?

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3. How do you stay within a budget? 

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4. What’s something about you that few people know about?

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This should differ slightly from what you write on the homepage about section but should summarize your site – even just using your tagline (up to you). Edit this section by editing each individual page.